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The idea of high level, detailed, professional quality basketball training for young ladies looking to take their talents to the new level, increase exposure and opportunities was the idea that led to the creation of Visualize Yourself Beyond Ordinary Sports Life Women’s Empowerment and Sports Performance Program.  WE SPORTS LIFE is targeting all aspects of lady’s youth basketball coaching and training, including skills camps, coaching clinics, team workouts, developmental leagues, and a competitive and elite level AAU program.




WE SPORTS LIFE has set out to transform Denver area lady’s youth basketball by helping young players improve their basketball fundamentals, as well as develop a love and understanding of the game at a level beyond their years, give back to the community though public service and empower them through education, building confidence in all aspects of life.


WE SPORTS LIFE skill development, basketball IQ, and athletic enhancement, program is dedicated to maximizing the performance level of athletes of all ages and abilities.  So, whether an athlete is looking to excel on a local youth league team, become a standout varsity player, earn a college scholarship, or maximize his/her skills as a professional athlete, we have the basketball knowledge and training program to help them achieve their goal. We are truly helping athletes of all levels and ages maximize their abilities and reach their full potential.


Our unique combination of skill development with a comprehensive strength and conditioning program. WE SPORTS LIFE Sports Life provides each athlete with an intensive, individualized program and the nutritional guidance necessary to maximize athletic potential, minimize injury, and enhance on-court performance. Our Sports Performance Training Program focuses on dramatically increasing Speed, Strength, Agility, and Quickness. Our Sports Performance Training Program (SPTP) also concentrates on injury prevention, balance, flexibility, and the importance of proper nutrition. Our goal is to provide our athletes with a safe, effective, and efficient workout program that will help each athlete improve their body, increase confidence, and reach their full potential as a player.


WE SPORTS LIFE Sports Life Skills Clinics will begin May 2017. The focus of our clinics will be to dramatically improve each athlete's skill-level and basketball IQ.  Each session will be conducted as a drop-in workout, 1 day per week. Our clinics are open to athletes ages (10-18) and require online RSVP. Each session will include fundamental instruction, skill development, and competitive drills.


WE SPORTS LIFE Sports Life- Sports Performance Training Program (SPTP) is at the forefront when it comes to helping athletes to improve their strength, athleticism, and sports related movements.


WE SPORTS LIFE will host its Spring Break Skills Camp, Open to youth athletes ages 10-18, this camp is designed to promote skill development, performance enhancement, and increase basketball IQ.


-Skill Development (shooting, ball handling, passing, defense)

-Instruction (reading defenses, motion offense, 1-on-1 moves)

-Instruction (setting/using screens, pick-n-roll, spacing)

-Scrimmaging (half/full court - game situations)


Elite Basketball Training Program:


WE SPORTS LIFE Sports Life has created a complete basketball training program to help your child train just like the pros. Our Elite Basketball Training Program was originally designed specifically for collegiate standouts preparing for the NBA draft and professional international players preparing for the NBA Summer League and training camp. We are now offering this exact training opportunity to youth athletes as well.


Our Elite Basketball Training Program is for the serious, dedicated athlete ONLY. Each athlete will participate in an intense, comprehensive training program that will include a weekly skill, body and knowledge building regimen. WE SPORTS LIFE will promote your athlete to college recruiters at over 1500 NCAA programs, traveling AAU and club teams, to get them higher exposure and opportunities to be successful in moving their goals forward.


Our Elite Training Program will offer each athlete a series of weekly workouts that consist of individual skill development, small group instruction and game simulation sessions. Our program will also offer performance training, core and flexibility work, as well as technique shooting exercises. In addition, we will provide each athlete with a customized resistance training program and film session opportunities to monitor his/her on-court progress.  Our Elite Basketball Training Program is by reservation only.

WE Sports Life. Inspiring Excellence though Sports Education and Public Service.